Vacations should be about relaxing. Travel Insurance gives

Thinking about travel insurance? It may save you money!

If you work with a travel agent, chances are good you will have to make a decision whether or not to accept travel insurance.  Should you do it? Many couples feel that they cannot afford it, or that it is just an extra add on – not a necessity.

There is no better way to protect your honeymoon or vacation investment then purchasing travel insurance. Things can happen to even the most experienced and well prepared traveler.  


Think of this…

  • Flight delays are common
  • A lost or stolen passport would delay your trip home
  • Most US health insurers do not extend coverage overseas. Even for medical emergencies.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, airline strike or act of terrorism, airlines will not refund the cost of your ticket.
  • An unforeseen job loss would not be reason enough for a trip refund (without insurance).
  • Life is unpredictable, and some trips must be canceled.

Travel insurance can provide you peace of mind and reassurance that your hard earned dollars are protected.

Before you decline travel insurance, ask yourself these important questions….

  1. Can you afford to purchased last-minute plane tickets home if an emergency cut your trip short?
  2. Does your health insurance provide overseas coverage if you must seek medical attention on this trip?
  3. Does your health insurance provide coverage should you need to be airlifted out of your destination country on this trip?
  4. Are you comfortable risking loss of your entire vacation investment should something go wrong?

If you aren’t able to answer yes to all of these questions, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance.