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Island of Lanai

How to keep your Maui, Hawaii honeymoon reasonably priced

I personally think everyone should visit Hawaii at some point.  It’s such a special place.   There is no passport requirement and is unlike anywhere else in terms of culture.  However food prices can vary widely and has the potential to add up quick.  If budget plays a role in your Hawaii decisions, I’m going to give you a few useful tips to help you save big bucks on your next trip.

1.  Get a car. 
Not only will you want to explore and drive the island, but this allows you to drive to local supermarkets and stock up on snacks.  We purchase drinks, breakfast foods and snacks.    Unless you are staying in Waikiki (where you won’t need a car), the car rental will probably price out as good or better than a taxi anyway.

2.  Plan ahead

Most hotel rooms have tiny fridges in the room.  Unlike a Vegas hotel, your Hawaii hotel fridge will probably be empty or just have water.  Use it!  I pack a beach bag (or soft sided small cooler) and bring a few drinks to the pool or beach with us.

Think about breakfast before you leave home. Maybe you like instant oatmeal or granola bars, etc…  Bring them from home!   Tip: pack them in a ziplock bag in case they break open. Even the cheaper hotels will charge $30 per person for their breakfast buffet.  I love a good hot breakfast, but this is an easy way to save $300 per couple on just a five night stay.

3. Eat off the resort.

Best tip!  Eat where the locals eat in Hawaii.  You’ll know, because there will be a line to get in.  Ask the concierge or staff at your resort where they eat when they go out.  Check out the OpenTable app.  Drive outside of the tourist zone to see real Maui.  When you do, you may be eating breakfast with chickens at your feet, but hey- that’s real Hawaii!  And, you’ll have saved a bundle!  Or, choose something familiar and head to the nearest Starbucks or Jamba Juice.