This one thing is ruining wedding photography

Wedding ceremonies are full of short lived memorable moments. That’s why professional photographers and videographers exist.  To capture those moments.

These days, wedding guests are snapping pictures too.  We love our phones!

Last weekend I went to a wedding where the minister asked everyone to put our mobiles away. It had me thinking…what are the pros and cons of using your cell phone during a wedding ceremony?

Pros of using your mobile during a wedding ceremony

Capturing the event

Using your mobile device during a wedding ceremony can be useful for your memories of the event.  Most of us want instant pictures to post, right?  After all, if it’s not posted, it didn’t happen!


The other advantage of using your mobile phone during a wedding ceremony is for communication. Let’s face it, yes we are a society obsessed with tweeting and instagramming, but sometimes we need to be accessible for any emergencies.

Cons of using your mobile during a ceremony

Disrupting the shot

Using your mobile can be a huge distraction.  Mostly often when the couple is walking along the aisle and the guest start moving for the shot.  You’ve seen them- guests who decide to stand up on their seat, reach their arm into the aisle, raising their phone above others’ heads, etc….    Instead of getting the perfect shot of the bride as she comes down the aisle, the professionals end up being blocked by 100 i-Phone users.

Getting distracted

Using a phone during a wedding ceremony can also be a great distraction to you and those around you). It IS an unavoidable fact: The very act of Instagramming or tweeting takes us of the moment, even if it is just for a split second.

Bottom line – using a mobile during a ceremony requires a balance. Be present and enjoy the moment.