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Antigua has 365 beaches

Antigua – Top 3 reasons to go!

Thinking about a beach vacation?  Take time to look at Antigua.

1.  Outstanding Resort Options in Antigua

No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find something wonderful on this island.   There are a few chain resorts.  But the real beauty of Antigua is that the majority of the resorts are smaller boutique properties.  Gems just waiting to be found.  I am not going to tell you that every single one of them are the same – quite the contrary!   Each of them are uniquely different, with distinct personalities.

You won’t find the big box hotels here.  But you will find everything from villas, rental homes overlooking the ocean, Beach bungalows, luxury properties with amazing service, culinary themed resorts, spa properties, and more.  As a travel agent who has visited and worked closely with Antigua resorts for years, I deeply believe there is something on this island for every taste and budget.  The more adventurous travelers might prefer researching and choosing their own “off the beaten” path vacation spot.   Others prefer to consult with an expert who can answer questions firsthand.

2.   The People of Antigua

Antigua is worth visiting simply for the people who live there.  I find it amazing that each resort I visit in Antigua, the management brags first about the staff.  With good reason- the people of Antigua are so lovely. They are accommodating, caring, and truly wonderful hosts.  It’s probably the reason that these small hotels tell me that their guests return every year.

3.   The Beaches of Antigua

365 beaches on the island of Antigua.  All of them public.  Go explore them!